• I was aware that drugs had taken over my life. I had grown unhappy and dissatisfied. I no longer enjoyed life as I once had. The crunch came when I lost yet another job because of my skunk-induced laziness. This time I was really angry at myself! I couldn't understand why my life was like this and other people's lives were not.

    In a rare moment of self-admitted weakness, I broke, and asked God, "Oh, show me if you're real!" Unbelievably, I found an Alpha course leaflet posted through the letterbox by a complete stranger. I phoned the number and haven't looked back since. Through the Alpha course, I found out that God really is real, Jesus really is real, and the Holy Spirit is alive and well and living everywhere! Oh, and did I mention that prayer actually works, if done properly!

    John Doe
    Manchester, United Kingdom